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Case Study: Emsisoft


Unlike large security companies, Emsisoft started out as a small venture in  Salzburg. Without relying on large advertising budgets to stimulate customer demand, it has grown from the underdog to the top gear in the antivirus sector.

How? Everything evolves around the product from the customer’s point of view, which brings a level of passion and quality to it, no one can compete with. Also, the managing director Christian Mairoll leaves nothing to chance in improving the products and oversees the development plan himself.


The challenge: A complete rebrand

For an upcoming product launch, it was necessary to harmonize the internal drive for simplicity and efficiency with public perception. However, the campaign soon included much more than just a new packaging design or a pretty homepage banner: all communication channels, on- and offline materials, and even the logo were completely reworked or rebuilt as part of a complete rebranding.

The old, overloaded website was replaced by a well-structured content concept in the multilingual CMS, weekly news in the blog and social media started following a clear line. „Less is more“ also became the in the color palette: generous white areas provide visual lightness and reflect the resource-saving operation of the software.

Like a butterfly, Emsisoft disposed of its historically grown sites within a couple of months of hard work and turned into a modern, efficient piece of software – without upsetting existing customers.

The result speaks for itself.


Mrs. Greil takes the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions. […] She showed her skills to communicate with both management team and the sales staff, and due to her dedication in setting up a completely new company logo and branding scheme, our organization saw a significant increase in sales growth. Christian Mairoll

CEO, Emsisoft Ltd

Re-Branding, Webdesign, Print material, Marketing & UX