“Creativity involves breaking out

of established patterns” 

Edward de Bono

To be honest, working as a team lead in Design, Branding and Online Development in a very stressful and timeline driven environment over the years was brutal. But it taught me the necessary sure instincts to both accommodate the clients’ wishes and strive for the best user experience.

Don't think about hiring me!

…if you are just looking for a tacky, carelessly done project with a standard solution off the rack.

With me, every concept, every layout, every brochure is tailored to your individual needs and your character (or the character of your brand). Your costomers will feel the difference and you’ll see it on your balance sheet.


As a specialist in idea crisis management, I can be of help with all sorts of creative emergencies: Ideas workshops, creative consulting, user experience & brand management, corporate design, event conception, lectures, presentations and much more. Contact me for an individual offer or schedule a meeting.

PS: Here is a sneak peak of some marketing and creative workshops that I successfully held over the last few years.

You can't buy love.

Love for what you do is priceless. Each project needs the utmost dedication, yet, you probably want an estimate of to how deep you’ll have to reach into your pockets for something you really desire.

But, tell me, how much does a good idea cost?


Let’s take a closer look at the scope of services: A creative service provider recreates things (like an architect), repairs broken things (like a mechanic), solves conceptual problems (like a lawyer) and is ultimately fully responsible for how your company arrives at others (like a beauty surgeon).

You probably get where this is going…


So here is a guideline for a possible cooperation, provided, we don’t hate each other’s guts:

excl. 20% VAT.

aktiv & kreativ was lucky enough to rock with the following cool brands. Yours could be up next 😉

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