“Big ideas are just small ideas,

that someone forgot to kill”

Seth Godin

A jack of all trades?

aktiv & kreativ is more than just the regular consulting agency based in lovely Austria. With ideas from the other edge of the plate, both small companies and big corporations swear on the creative muse that can bring brands to life (or resurrects them from the presumed dead), cook up innovative solutions that make your customers fall in love.

The best things in life happen unexpectedly. That works for creative ideas just as well. So by infusing current marketing trends with knowledge from completely different areas like human anatomy, physiology or even psychology, you might even feel a little magic in the air once we get started. 

  • Zero-budged marketing 75%
  • Idea crisis: brainstorming, innovation management, creative consulting 100%
  • Concepts: drafts, wireframes or 360° designs 100%
  • Designs for web, print, digital, analoguse 92%
  • Geek alert: web & app programming 42%
  • Customer satisfaction: Usability & UX management 100%
  • Brands, products, services: strategy and positioning 69%
  • E³: Employee & Employer branding and Events 84%
  • Photography, that tells more than 1000 words 51%
  • Communication with ROI: Social Media & Co. 99%
  • Burnout prevention & workplace health promotion 95%
Creative whizz-kid

Creative whizz-kid

est. 2002

  • Media Technology & Design, BSc (Hagenberg)
  • Digital Media, MSc (Hagenberg)
  • Web application security Training (Wien)
  • Web accessibility Training (Wien)
  • Project Management (Wien)
  • Creative Director / Marketing (Salzburg)

You might have spotted me at…

Fitness maniac

Fitness maniac

est. 1999

  • Aerobic- und Fitnesstrainer
  • Burnout-Prophylaxe-Trainer
  • Dipl. Bewegungstrainer Erwachsene/50+
  • KidFit & Motopädagogik Instructor
  • Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Pilates & Pilates Pregnancy Trainer
  • National Instructor for Fit/Studio
  • National Fitness Trainer
  • Zumba Instructor

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